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On my macbook air using chrome. A doesn't start the program

Have you tried pressing "K" ?
Button A (gameboy) is mapped to K, button B is mapped to L.


Nice little game.  The having the A/B prompts when the buttons are really K/L is a bit confusing to start and ended up destroying a few items figuring things out.  Also, one time didn't get a sword for a while and another got a ton and didn't know if there is any purpose of collecting more than one.

Thank you for trying it out. When we developed this little game we had really limited time and didn't have time to balance stuff or think thoroughly. I hope you enjoyed it anyway. By the way no, at this state of the game there is no sense in collecting more than one sword :)

Yeah, I enjoyed it once I got the hang of it!  I don't mind a little trial and error but sometimes I wonder if I am missing something—or making the best choices!

hey I reached level 26 score 139!

Wow that's amazing! I think I haven't reached that high level myself :) Thanks for playing!

I have reached floor 42 but I still have not gotten to the boss.