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God has abandoned the people of the small village of Holdstock -- literally.

Their deity has decided its had more than its fair share of the rural countryside and promptly went off to pursue lucrative opportunities in another, slightly less agrarian dimension, suddenly leaving the denizens of Holdstock with no one to bless the crops on the eve of the Harvest Festival.

The people of Holdstock have reached for a desperate solution – a placeholder deity outsourced from Adequately Supreme Beings LLC, a divine services provider of some notoriety. Deciding to find a more suitable long-term god later, they just crossed their fingers and hoped for the best.

Unfortunately, their optimism soon proved to be unfounded as Holdstock begun experiencing massive reality shifts. Houses started changing locations, country roads weaved and looped back into themselves, and crops suddenly uprooted or caught fire.

After a torrential downpour of cuttlefish, the Council of Elders, eager to put a stop to this madness, sent you into the Ordinance Room, the main hall of the Celestial Temple to investigate.


Create a room for players to join or "Refresh" to see if there are rooms available. When you create a room you become the God of the room and can spawn objects with your cards spending your points. When you join a room you are one of maximum three farmers, you can move, attack and interact.

As the god you try to wear down farmers to health 0. As the farmers, you try to reach next to the statue located in the room.


LMB - Move/Interact
WASD - Move Camera
RMB - Rotate Camera
MMB - Zoom


Anıl Demir - Art
Jan Szczepanik-Dzikowski - Code
Paweł Przytuła - Story
Ted Wennerström - Music

Created for Ludum Dare 37 "One Room" in 72 hours.


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Haystack_Quest_MAC.zip 32 MB
Haystack_Quest_LINUX.zip 31 MB


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seems super interesting, but I havent gotten to play it since there werent many people online

I should get a friend to play it with me

u should add a way to leave the lobby tho haha